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Dongguan professional waterproof and leakage repair construction company

Dongguan guanheng waterproof decoration Co., Ltd. is selected as the specialized company for waterproofing and leakage repair construction in Dongguan. We can achieve the same quality and the same kind, and achieve high quality and low price. Dongguan Heng adopts advanced technology to reduce the cost of production and construction, and the construction quality and engineering quality can be guaranteed as well.
Dongguan guanheng's business scope is: Dongguan new and old building roof waterproofing, Dongguan roof waterproofing, Dongguan roof waterproofing and other housing waterproofing projects. Dongguan FRP and floor paint anti-corrosion and thermal insulation renovation project: Dongguan epoxy floor, Dongguan plant gravity floor anti-corrosion, Dongguan cement floor, Dongguan sewage pool inside and outside, Dongguan steel lining anti-corrosion, Dongguan on-site sand removal.