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Dongguan guanheng waterproof decoration Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in building waterproof. At present, guanheng waterproof has a high-quality, experienced, skilled and professional waterproof construction team. Since its establishment, guanheng waterproofing has undertaken the construction of many well-known buildings and key projects in Guangdong.

Guanheng waterproof decoration Co., Ltd. is a professional construction talent team in Dongguan, many of whom have obtained advanced waterproof construction qualification and intermediate waterproof construction qualification; guanheng waterproof has advanced construction machinery and equipment and well-known waterproof leakage materials. We have scientific and perfect construction schemes and methods. Through years of experience, we have summed up a number of traditional and modern waterproof methods. Therefore, we can make correct material selection and reasonable construction according to different water leakage conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of complete waterproof leakage; we can also repair and plug various difficult leakage. Waterproof and leakage stoppage need both treatment and treatment, because we are professional, so we can avoid all kinds of difficulties of building leakage.


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